The Top 7 Uncommon Romantic Things Guys Do Can Melt Any Girl’s Heart.

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Being romantic for most of the guys has always been tough. They don’t know how to express their feelings in a romantic way. Well, before you get offended let me tell you that we are not talking about all the guys. You might have got all the romantic things in your list, but there are still a lot of uncommon gestures that can make girls weak at the knees.

Let’s take a look at these uncommon romantic things that are sure to melt her heart. Do you do these things for your girl?

1. Play with her hair

You can play with her hair when two of you are watching TV. Just a little touch and she will love it.

2. Leave her notes

Girls always love cute little things. Just write a few lines on a piece of paper, it will make her happy.

3. Ask her where she wanna go for dinner

You know what she loves, right? Just give her 3-4 options and ask her to choose one. It’s best for both of you.

4. Make the bed

When she is taking shower or cooking something in the kitchen, surprise her by making the bed. It doesn’t even have to be perfect but she will love your efforts.

5. Get her ice cream

For some reason, almost all the girls love ice cream and no one ever said that they don’t like it. Take her to the place where she can have her favorite dessert and ice cream.

6. Be creative

Girls love it when you try to be creative. Make cards for her, write some cute lines on it. They just love handmade things their boyfriends do for them.

7. Random kisses

Kiss her randomly. This will show your love and care towards her.