Top 5 Things You Should Definitely Pack For Your Honeymoon

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Making a checklist before packing anything is a good habit and when you are going on your honeymoon, you must go through the checklist of items you need to pack. You are going on your honeymoon and it’s all about spending quality time with your partner. We all fantasize about having a perfect one and there is no rule that you need to pack certain things in your suitcase but you will want to bring some new and special things to make it a memorable one. It’s not just the swimsuits and lingeries but there are other things you need to pack.

Whether you are going the beaches, islands, or various ports on a cruise, here are some things you need to pack for your honeymoon.

1. A special outfit for the first-night dinner

Pick a good outfit for your first-night dinner.

2. Perfume and bath gel

Special perfumes and scented gel can establish really wonderful and romantic memories. Don’t forget to pack these items.

3. Special lingerie of course

The honeymoon is all about turning up the romance and wearing a special lingerie on your first night will surely turn up the heat 😉

4. Birth control and condoms

If you are going to some remote areas then you may not get it easily. It’s better to put it on the packing list to avoid the last minute rush. Or, it’s up to you, you can start your family on your honeymoon :p

5. Reading material

Pick up some good books to read when you travel. It will keep you both entertained.