What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

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Every little thing we do in our everyday life has a meaning. You might get surprised to know that even your sleeping position has some meaning. Try to imagine all the positions in which you can sleep with your partner. The pictures of cuddles may have stricken your mind or you may have imagined yourself sleeping in opposite side of the mattress with your partner or it may be any sleeping habit. Do you know that your sleeping position says a lot about a relationship? Yes! it does.

Now just go through all the points below to know about your sleeping position and what it says about your relationship.

1. The Spoon

This is not a commonly used sleeping position by couples. It reflects protectiveness and a sense of comfort in a relationship. As visible in the picture, it is mostly preferred by the couple who are comfortable with intimacy. If you are also using the same position, then you are having a healthy and happy relationship with trust and comfort.

2. The Loose Spoon


It shows that there is enough space between the couple and giving each other freedom. Don’t think that space is because of lack of intimacy between the couple. It is just a variation of the previous position so as to let your partners live freely.

3. The Chasing Spoon


There is nothing unique in this sleeping position. It simply means that one partner wants more space in the bed and may be in the life too. It looks similar to standard spoon but there is a small difference in both.

4. The Unraveling Knot


It begins with touching and being very close like in a knot with each other and eventually both the partners unravels to freedom. Very less couple are used to this position as it indicates compromise for each other’s happiness.