5 Valentine’s Day Horror Stories That Will Make You Cry So Bad!

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We all have romantic or funny Valentine’s day stories to tell but sometimes we also have Valentine’s day horror stories that we don’t want to remember. It doesn’t matter if you’re with someone or on your own on Valentine’s day, we sure have experienced one bad Valentine’s day which in turn became a horror story for us.

From getting trolled by an ex to poorly-timed breakups, these 15 Valentine’s Day horror stories will make you seriously cringe and cry so bad!

1.Oh! no. How could you really take your best friend’s name while having s3x with you girlfriend?

3.After 3 years you realized that you don’t love the person anymore? How does it even happens?

4.You have every right to get angry with him but he is kinda a pro, he already had a backup plan! 

5.You got seriously trolled by your ex! Lol! But see the brighter side, you got roses and a teddy bear on that day.