5 Amusing Reasons Why Night With Food Is Better Than A Night Out With A New Guy!

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The adrenaline rush in our body increases when a new guy asks us out on a date night. But not every time we find the new guy adorable, sometimes we have a doubt about him. All you need is to cancel the night out with the new guy right away and order some food for yourself.

Here’s why you are guaranteed to have a better night time with your favorite food than with a brand new guy!

1.The best thing is you don’t have to make an effort to talk

Food doesn’t care if you’re talking or not so it cut down a lot of weirdness. Isn’t it great to just get straight to the point instead of making small talk?

2.You know what you are looking for!

You don’t have to wait for the guy to make you happy. When you choose food over a new guy, you learn that you can always make yourself happy. So go on and treat yourself. You deserve it. It’s better than a night out with a guy.

3.No sharing.  

Who likes to share their food? I don’t. So when you ditch that brand new guy and order some food, you can have it all for yourself.

4.You don’t need to worry about your flaws! 

You can stuff your face, burp and you can curl up on the sofa and get toppings all over your shirt. Who cares?

5.You don’t have to get to know each other 

God, that’s the worst thing about first dates: you have to sit there telling a stranger all about the usual stuff that you’ve told people a thousand times before. Food doesn’t need to know you.