12 Beautiful Reasons Why Getting Married For The Second Time Can Be Better Than Your First!

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There are no rules that tell you not to get married for the second time. It can be as beautiful and memorable as the first one. Couples marrying for the first time don’t think much about anything else. All they need is love and a lovely partner. Well, in most of the cases first marriage fails because it’s too early to get committed. It’s not just the early commitment but there are some other factors that slowly kills your marriage life and lead to filing the divorce. A recent study proves that older couples who take another trip down the aisle have more chance of spending a happy marriage life than the younger ones. Second marriage is more realistic and couples don’t make dumb commitments.

Here’s why getting married can be better second time around. Give your marriage a second chance!

1. You exactly know what you want from a relationship 

The failure of the first marriage can teach you many life lessons and this one is most important of all. Now you have a clear vision of what you exactly want from this new relationship and you are certainly not ready to tolerate dramas and fake commitments.

2. It lasts forever

Not all the first marriages last forever, but second marriages last till your death. According to the Marriage Foundation, 45% of first marriages end up in the divorce courts, but only 31% of second marriages end in failure.

3. The experience factor

If you are getting married for the second time, you will surely enjoy the benefit of experience. It comes with its own period of adjustment. You know what really works and what doesn’t.

4. You wanna make it right this time

People who already experience the end of a marriage, they develop a heightened determination to not take anything for granted. They don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

5. A realistic thinking

Your first marriage may be a fairy tale but as the time passes you know what it takes to maintain a healthy marriage life. But it’s already too late when you meet the harsh reality. In second marriage you are prepared and you make realistic plans which are achievable.

6. Not a broken heart anymore

You have already suffered enough in your first fail marriage and you don’t really wanna give the power to someone else to play with your heart again.

7. You are smarter about love

You are not an emotional fool anymore. You know about your priorities.

8. More responsible

You have learned to take responsibilities for important things and you are less likely to repeat your mistakes.

9. You learn to forgive

You practice forgiveness by apologizing to your partner whenever it’s appropriate. This validates their feelings and promotes forgiveness. It also allows you both to ignore the little things that don’t matter at all in a relationship.

10. More focus on your dreams

You’ve realized that a marriage is not the only source or happiness so you start pursuing your dreams to the best of your ability.

11. You are stronger and more realistic

A divorce can make you stronger, more realistic, and better prepared for the requirements of love.

12. Because it’s never too late

It’s never too late to restore faith in love.  Getting married for the second time may not be easy for you but your life isn’t over yet. Try giving it another chance but only when you are ready.

Do you agree that second marriages can be more successful than the first one? Let us know in the comment down below.