10 Best Responses To The Annoying “I Have A Boyfriend.” Retort.

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You finally muster up the courage and approach a woman. You clear your throat and use your best line to ask her out only to hear these four words ‘I have a boyfriend’. Many of us have to listen to this retort even when we’re not hitting on them. The question is, what do you do then? Maybe these Reddit users can help you out. Check out their best responses.

1. I Have A Boyfriend Too. What Now? 

Maybe we can combine them or something.

2. My Mama Told Me Not To Talk With Strangers. 

But then you can’t hit on anyone.

3. Use The Best Responses To Save Your Dignity. 

Her boyfriend might go away soon, right?

4. Classic Punks Being Classic Punks.

Your boyfriend can come too.

5. Use The Best Responses To Save Your Dignity. 

Smile and walk with your head held high.

6. I Have A Hulk. That Triumphs Your Boyfriend. 

Let’s hope she’s a marvel fan and has watched The Avengers get that epic retort.

7. Nothing Like A Good Old Sarcastic Remark. 

Be warned, though, she might get offended. After all, it’s 2017. People get offended faster than the speed of light.

8. I Don’t Want Your Boyfriend, I Just Want You. 

The best responses would be filled with apologies.

9. This Line Is Highly Inappropriate But It’s a Hilarious One Yet. 

It’s okay to be gay, though.

10. It’s Fine. I’m Not Jealous. 

Most of the time you probably are.